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How To Block Some Email accounts on Hotmail.

Are you getting unwanted emails like unnecessary advertisements, newsletters or rude emails from your ex, and want to blacklist or block specific sender’s email address? Hotmail gives you an option to block people from whom you don’t want to receive any kind of message in future. Follow the basic instructions to block the sender on Hotmail.

How the Technical Problems Can Affect a Hotmail Account?

  • 1. Login:-Hotmail and Outlook is same. So even if you login to your Hotmail account then it will directly take you to Outlook inbox.
  • 2. Click on Mail settings:-Now you need to click on Gear icon that you will see on upper right corner of your mail box. It is just next to your name. By clicking on it you will get various options that allow you to change the color, and other interesting settings for your mail box. There would also be “More mail settings” link in the menu.
  • 3. Now under the “Preventing junk mail” heading you will get “Safe and blocked senders” which is the second column. Click on this and now you will see three other options.
  • “Blocked Senders”:- Type the email address of the sender whom you want to block. This way in future you will not receive any mail from this address.
  • "Block Domain”:-To block entire domain enter the specific domain name.You won’t receive any message from that particular domain in future.
  • "Report Spam":- You can also block the address that sends you spam but that would not be much useful. Spam senders change their email address every time they send message. So you need to choose other measures to stop spam.

Following the above steps will definitely fix your problem however if you are still facing any issue or is stuck up at a particular step then Contact Hotmail Support Australia 1-800-958-211 for immediate solution. All the problems that you are facing would be fixed by our experts by taking remote of your pc and providing quick solutions. Hotmail Helpline Number Australia is open 24*7*365 where you can contact for all technical hiccups.