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Recover Your Password Easily by Hotmail Support Australian Team

Are you using the Hotmail account as your primary account? But you forgot your password that you have changed recently or your account has been hacked and now you want to reset your password. If you have many emails and you don’t remember the password of this account any many more reasons would be there. So, you want to recover your password but don’t know the methods of recovering it. There are some methods through which you can easily recover your Outlook password. Here we are going to tell you all the methods that you can use to reset your password of Hotmail. You have all your important work in your account so it is important to recover it fast. The Hotmail Support Australia is going to tell you the methods of resetting the password so that you can do it easily.

Methods for recovering Hotmail Account Password

There are few methods that are listed here that you can use when you lost your password or recover it with following methods:

You can fill out the password recovery form in which you get the 2 ways to get your password recovered. These 2 ways help you in resetting the new password so that you can access your account easily.The 2 methods in this are:

  • By Email- In this, you have to provide your email in the field to get the password reset link or any verification code. Now you think if you forgot the password how you can access the email. Don’t worry the email will be not the same in this you have to enter the other email to that you have access. So the information of resetting the password of this email will be mailed to that another email.
  • By Phone number- If you don’t have any other email id to share then you can also give your mobile number. By giving the mobile number it will send you the code that you have to enter in the box field. By entering the number it will help you in accessing your account or resetting the password of Hotmail.

For future security, do the 2 step verification method through which no one can access your account even if they have your password because in this it will send you a verification code that you have to enter in it to log in to your account.

Now if you have any issue in these methods or having any other problem or query just make a call at Hotmail Support toll-free number 1-800-958-211. We provide you the best assistance and make sure that your problem will resolve immediately in less time.