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Be more specific, Hotmail is introduced by the Microsoft Company to communicate with the enormous people. Earlier, it moved its entire users to the which was essentially a rebranding of Windows Live Hotmail with an updated user interface and ameliorated features. At present, user was allowed to keep their Hotmail email address to access but new users can no longer create an account with the same domain. Despite that, user is only allowed to create address. As like other email servers, Hotmail helps its user to execute their task and provide a bridge to convey a meaningful message. It is available for both the personal as well as professional use and allows users to access it in computer and mobile devices. mostly Hotmail user face some technical issues, in this case customer need a Support and Customer Care Service Number Australia. Where customer talk with Microsoft Expert team and get solutions of problems.

What Is Features and Update of Hotmail Account

The brand new features and update of Hotmail include the A-level security making it totally safe to use with the HTTPS protocol. Now we can even access email documents directly from email and view them in office apps. The brand new editing feature by which means you can edit the same document on different devices with Skydrive. With this particular feature, you and your colleague can edit a document in real time and can see the persons editing that particular document. The most awesome feature that arrived with Hotmail is that now you can even send a huge file up to 10GB with Skydrive directly from Hotmail. But that’s not all it has never ending benefits and features that’s why even many of the experts themselves recommend it to use.

Why do You Need to Dial Microsoft Customer Number 1-800-958-211?

Hotmail support number australia 1-800-958-211 is available to every customer that offers you most sophisticated assistance for any of your related queries or any question you have. Technicians are best practiced, available round the clock and fix your account on a track like before. It is sure that once you get in touch with Hotmail support Australia team you won’t knock any other door for assistance.

Expert in support team takes your concern seriously and listen you carefully, they can ask you some questions as well in order to offer you step by step resolution for your query. The team is having years of experience that suggests splendid answers by eliminating small as well as big troubles of your account.

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What to do when Hotmail email service is down suddenly?

Apart from the astounding web-based email service of Hotmail, you may sometime face some glitches while logging in. The issue can arrive because of several reasons but it’s not necessary the reason should be Hotmail itself every time. If the problem is not with Hotmail, the cause can be your browser anything else. To ensure or fix the loading or server down the issue with Hotmail follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, Visit and try logging in again.
  • If the problem continues, then clear the caches from your web browser.
  • Enable the cookies and erase all of them.
  • If your desktop has Adobe Flash Player installed in it try updating it.
  • Refresh your page and then press CTRL+F5 key to command cache refresh.
  • If you are accessing an Internet Explorer browser or any other incompatible browser, try logging from Mozilla Firefox. If the problem is accessing Hotmail with Firefox, try updating or reinstalling it.
  • The problem can arrive because of your anti-virus suite also. To fix the issue try updating it.
  • If you have a firewall or other security programs installed in your device like BitDefender or Norton, try downloading and installing the newest versions and if are using the latest version try reinstalling it.
  • You can also try resetting the privacy and security configuration of your Internet browser to default.
  • If you are accessing Internet Explorer, reinstall the latest version of it and then launch
  • At last reboot, your PC.
  • If the problem continues, infrequently Hotmail can be the issue. Now, you should wait for a few hours and then log in again from

What you Solve By Hotmail Support and Customer Care

  • Problems in attaching files while sending or receiving an email.
  • Account is getting compromised
  • If You want to Switch your Outlook Email account to hotmail Click Here....
  • if You Want to Disable Hotmail Automatic Login then Click Here....
  • All emails get deleted mistakenly.
  • Account has been blocked/ hacked
  • Hotmail account is not compatible with any web browser like Chrome, Mozilla, internet explorer, etc.
  • Problems with Spam filtration issue/Junk filtration.
  • Account is blocked on a temporary basis.
  • Hitches while sending or receiving an email

These are some general concerns that one can have while accessing a e account when any above mentioned issue takes place you look for an instant support and you need to call the Microsoft customer service number Australia 1-800-958-211. This customer support for microsoft email offers you an efficient approach to resolving any of your issues with microsoft Products like Skype, Outlook, and xbox. Many times users try to fix these issues on their own, but accuracy rate is always low. Know what the features of a Hotmail customer support service, which can offer you, complete guidance in order to fix all your concerns.

What are the Benefits of Hotmail Customer Service Can Offer?

  • A complete solution to secure your account by security questions or by changing security settings.
  • Offers a helping hand for Hotmail mails backup.
  • Assist in deactivating Hotmail account.
  • Help in organizing emails.
  • Complete technical solution for blocked Microsoft email account.
  • Offers service for Junk/ Spam management.
  • Secure your email account messages.
  • Full help in an account set up or any configuration related error.
  • Outlook customer support for any other related issues.

A large section of the population across the globe is using this outlook or business account service; Hotmail Technical Support and customer support team can help in overcoming all associated issues of this email service. The support team is well qualified and equipped with recent innovations in order to offer you a complete technical assistance. The technical team is excellent in their skills as they are working in this arena for a long time and first main motive is customer satisfaction.

Some other account recovery and passowrd recovery one of the common issues crop up amid utilization of an email account. There are a number of solutions like security answers privacy in your email account, offers help in creating strong alphanumeric password, a user receives a text when someone logins from your account, security while login on another browser on another system, security on the save password option, help in getting backup of your account, etc.

Who we are (Hotmail Customer Help Service) and what we solve

  • One can get on-site assistance with a complete resolution.
  • Remote access support for all global users.
  • Hotmail technical help to recover your password.
  • Live chat support for all (step by step solution).
  • Outlook technical support number offers you services at competitive prices.
  • Quick as well as anytime support (24/7 and 365 days) by Microsoft certified technicians.